Africa Key Partners is a business consulting firm that offers marketing services to international brands that are considering entering the African market. We help companies decide on the best approach to enter the African market.

Africa as a whole is the second fastest growing economy in the world.

Our passion is african markets :

– AKP offers business facilitation expertise in african markets.
– AKP brings you exposure to the right knowledge, the right people, and the right opportunities
– AKP offers practical support to enter or expand into a new market or segment in Africa
Our mission is to help our clients to develop and grow their business on existing and new markets in Africa.
– We offer practical assistance to open doors to the African market, reach top decision-makers and close the deal faster.
– We introduce your company directly to CEOs, high-level decision-makers as potential partners in your target markets, identify sales leads, and set up sales meetings.
– We provide customized market insights.
– We use Morocco as a gateway for African markets. “Morocco acts as a facilitator, advisor and financier of economic agents in African countries in which the country has operations with regard to domestic and regional development projects.” Morocco will become a major force to reckon with in Africa.

“Business should be excited about Africa, because it’s the big opportunity at the moment. You see other areas of the world – India, the Chinas are slowing down a little bit, whereas actually there’s a lot of pent-up demand for good, services and infrastructure development in Africa at the moment.”
Rob Daniel