Africa Key partners will manage your local presence and behave as a local partner with your customers :

AKP Market Intelligence®

Depending on the brand and the sector, AKP will propose a mapping of the players in the market, a census of the forces and weaknesses of the brand on the market, the identification of the competition, the understanding of the products in the sector, the detection of weak signals that may affect the market.

AKP Go-to-Market® Maroc

AKP proposes a strategy of marketing-oriented and differentiating client by structuring the marketing approach (go-to-market strategy °) adapted to the brand and target market segment. ° Go-to-market strategy: A coherent set of choices that align your people, your process, your products, your premises (physical and virtual channels) and your partners to offer the promise of your brand, the desired customer experience and tangible value. AKP is working on the following areas: Value Proposition, demand Generation, infrastructure, Customer Experience and creating value.

AKP Marketing Roadmap®

The marketing plan will define the objectives for the brand, strategic initiatives, tactics to reach them, and list the resources. It will arbitrate budget decisions and provide a real road map for the brand wishing to set up or expand in the Morocco.

AKP PR & Lobbying®

Media (1) commitment, the commitment of influencers (2), digital engagement (3) is fundamental for a premium brand that wishes to settle in a new country. AKP offers to accompany its marks on these three components; through the definition of the key messages and the levers of speaking, the targeting of journalists, identification of influencers and social media management.

AKP Matchmaking®

Depending on the sector concerned AKP sets up for the brand wishing to set up appointments for the first time to the Morocco, senior levels within the selected companies: our teams identify different makers, their issues, and then put a first meeting in place with the most senior decision makers.